Cape Town based Nigerian music star Svmrogod releases his new single Ajinomoto– taken off of his upcoming album ‘Rose out of concrete’ which is dedicated to the late Gee Six Five who went viral on social media networks, following the release of her chart topping debut single ‘Obani Lababantu’. Pronounced as ‘Samro-god’ the music star was meant to feature Gee Six Five on the single ‘Ajinomoto’ but sadly passed on before her final verse was recorded.
“I worked with Marimba Records, the piano producers who produced the viral hit song “Obani Lababantu” by the late star- Gee Six Five; she was actually meant to feature on this song.. My upcoming album “Rose out of concrete” is dedicated to her. She sadly passed away right before she was due to collaborate with me on this new single”- says Svmrogod
Watch ‘Ajinomoto’ here:

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