17 October 2019 – Johannesburg – Iconic South African franchise News Cafe, pioneers and market leaders in the cocktail industry and social lifestyle venue category, have taken a bold step in a new direction, ushering in a new era for the brand.

Over the last few years outlets within the industry have had to evolve tremendously, in order to compete with new local and international businesses, who often mimic each other, in a battle to win market share. Today they need to deliver new and innovative concepts while staying relevant to large customer markets, which has proven to be a challenge, as more competition arises. 

A new generation of customers are constantly seeking unique and authentic experiences. Consumers of today are more aware and educated about the industry, especially in South Africa’s stringent economy that forces them to seek more than just good customer service, but experiences that is worthwhile.

News Cafe have taken a fearless approach to evolve the brand legacy, a step ahead of the trend. Michael Deftereos, founding member of the News Cafe brand and Director at Fournews, a holding franchise group, elaborates on some of these changes that patrons and the industry can look forward to in the no-so-distant future.

What has brought about this change?

We looked within our business and realised that there was a considerable need to compete on a level where price was not a determining factor for customers. We also needed to consider franchisee profitability and the requisite to maintain a culture that is open and collaborative. Innovation is critical for growth in such a competitive environment. Without innovation, we stall, and our competitors take over, and we would simply not exist.

We studied the market to gain an understanding of our competitors and established that, the offering in the market was indistinguishable, with each venue, imitating the next. We knew right away that, evolution was critical, we had to be distinctive and move in a direction that our competitors would not anticipate. 

Our ownership is the most powerful weapon we have – the true essence of our leadership. We needed to disrupt the market and transform into, who we knew we always were: cocktail leaders.

We found a direction that represents the ethos of News Cafe and that will establish the brand in the market for the future.  

What can the market look forward to?

As a testament to two decades of growth aligned to shifts in market and consumer trends, the new direction will position News Cafe at the forefront of unique experiences, with carefully curated cocktails that are served with theatre, rare in vessel and unique in taste, that speak to the sophisticated and cosmopolitan urban consumer.

We have removed the clutter of common drinks from our establishments and kept a few classic and original cocktails. With passion, creativity and precision we developed a line-up of hero cocktails that will usher guests into an uncharted and delightful world of cocktail flavours.

Consumers can look forward to an elevated cocktail experience in all of our stores. The offering was created to ensure that the South African market can experience mixology at its best, in an establishment that is well known and easily accessible. 

We believe that our new direction will speak for itself and that the brand will be redefined. 

What is the timeline of these changes? 

As the saying goes, nothing is as constant as change and that change has already started in our business. The official launch of the new menu offering will take place at the end of October and this will be coupled with a few newly revamped stores. 

The promise we have made to our customers, from inception of this brand, is to serve innovation, provide the greatest of service, in a safe environment while maintaining the vibe – and that’s what we strive to achieve. 

We are taking back our bars!

For more information, follow News Cafe on social media for the latest information, @newsfacevibez

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