For the Sounds of Muziki compilation, a two-part EP series, Muziki Africa and FAME Week Africa have teamed up with the Berlin, Germany-based record label Paradise Sound System (PSS) to scout new musical talent in South Africa. To be released as part of two compilation projects, we asked independent artists to submit their songs for consideration. Jointly organised with Music in Africa, the call went out in July 2022, and submissions were due in August.
Out of the 750 applicants, only 8 were chosen as finalists. The eight independent musicians who made the cut are: Djy Spetla, Elinamandla, EL-Tan, Fruit Vendor, Kd Summerz, Nthabee, SAGE & Reba Red. During FAME Week Africa, two of these up-and-coming musicians, namely Fruit Vendor and Kd Summerz, spent a day recording at Cape Town’s Cosher Recording Studios with Paradise Sound System’s top musicians.
Side A, titled Muziki Beatz, and Side B, titled Muziki Electronica, will make up the compilation. Released on October 14Muziki Beatz features an African take on Hip-Hop, R&B, AfroBeats, and World. To be released on November 18th, 2022 Muziki Electronica is all things dance – sounds that originate from Africa and are currently taking over the globe by storm and will feature some of the hottest tunes to dance the summer away. Paradise Sound System will conduct the release, and Paradise Africa Distribution will cover distribution.
This compilation showcases and supports African independent musicians and bands, forging bridges between Africa and the world. Africa’s art and music are magnificent: Art, dance, and music influence the world. This compilation will assist find undiscovered musicians and build their fanbase. Paradise Sound System will conduct the release, and Paradise Africa Distribution will cover distribution.
The calibre of the competition was demonstrated by the entries we received. Muziki Africa is excited for the launch of the Sounds of Muziki 2022 Compilation EP and we are committed to developing talent on the African continent” says Martin Hiller, Content & Creative Director for Muziki Africa at FAME Week Africa
One of the leading singles of Muziki Beatz, together with XXC Legacy, Chad Da Don of Paradise Sound System, and DSB, a producer, composer and sound engineer at Cosher Studios in Cape Town, two of the winners, Kd Summerz and the Fruit Vendor’s, created collaborative tune “Believe It” that will be featured on Side A of the Compilation.
The Studio was magic, initially we just wanted to connect together but it ended up being an amazing jam session. Everyone came up with their own melodies and ideas and were willing to work and the teamwork, communication & creativity was great from all angles. The music coming out of South Africa attests to the creativity as we can see and experience a fusion of different genres that give birth to new genres and sub-genres” said Kamo Mailula.
XXC Legacy, Chad Da Don of Paradise Sound System, and DSB, a producer/composer/sound engineer at Cosher Studios, all contributed to Kd Summerz and the Fruit Vendor’s “Believe It” tune.
Thanks to everyone who entered. If possible, all 700+ entries would be included to showcase the incredible projects. Congratulations to the Sounds of Muziki 2022 artists.
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EL-Tan – Monica
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Elinamandla – Randza
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Reba Red – Let Me Lead
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SAGE – Your Body
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XXC Legacy, Chad Da Don, Kd Summerz, Fruit Vendor & DSB – Believe It

Kd Summerz
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Fruit Vendor
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Cosher Recording Studios

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