“Pretty Girls”



(Premiers at 18h00 SAST)



What the press is saying about midwxst:



“Such a compelling voice”


a maturation in sound and content, he finds solace in crafting ultra-vulnerable lyrics and music his peers can relate to”


“He truly marches to the beat of his own drum”


midwxst is starting a new chapter of his story today with the release of a new song, “Pretty Girls,” which is accompanied by an Ari Nissenbaum directed music video. With this single, midwxst, the 20 year-old artist hailing from Indiana born Edgar Sarratt III, is signaling the pending release of his major label debut album, E3 out on Geffen Records, set to be released this year.


“Pretty Girls” is a preview of how midwxst has refined his chameleonic style emphasizing sincerity and transparency for the forthcoming album. Whether he is rapping over rage beats or penning sweet ballads, midwxst aims to provide listeners a path forward through relationships, identity formation and the internet. If the clues he has been dropping reign true, E3 promises to be his most immersive and conceptual experience yet.


midwxst’s steady stream of new music has been flowing since he emerged on the scene in 2020. Last year alone, the blossoming artist released two EPs including BACK IN ACTION 3.0 EP, which includes the standout track 223‘s feat. BabyTron, he also released his EP better luck next time. along with the stand-alone singles mad,” “slide den,” and sidelines.” midwxst also ventured on his first national run touring his music to venues across the country while collaborating with some of music’s brightest young peers including Yeat, Dro Kenji, KA$HDAMI and more.


Check out “Pretty Girls” above and stay tuned for more from midwxst coming soon.



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