To complement Microsoft’s translucent Phantom Black controller for the Xbox One and PC, the company is releasing a Phantom White color option that’s a good fit aesthetically for Xbox One S owners or those who picked up the Robot White edition of the Xbox One X. It will go on sale starting on April 2nd for $69.99, and preorders for the controller are open now.

t follows a similar design pattern to the Phantom Black edition; now, Microsoft’s really rubbing it in that it has better Xbox Design Lab tools than we do. The top half of the controller acts as a matte, textured window for you to check out the gold-colored internal components. Other than those custom tweaks to the design, it’s a standard Xbox One controller, which can commonly be found for less than $50.

Having a peek inside at the Xbox One controller’s inner workings is delightful, though, and it will help you stick out if you bring it to a friend’s house. When you’re alone, you can admire it to pass the time between loading screens.

This Phantom White controller works on Xbox One consoles, Bluetooth-enabled PCs, the Samsung Gear VR, and Android phones that are compatible with Fortnite.

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