Friday, 28 October 2022, Johannesburg: Superstar producer, Mashbeatz just released the follow up single to his Hip Hop bangers, NEVER RIDE and NEVER RIDE REMIX.


Nhlawulo Mashimbye, also known as Mashbeatz just set the tone for local hip hop with his new single, CYLINDA HEAD featuring frequent collaborator, Thato Soul. CYLINDA HEAD went live at midnight and will be part of Mashbeatz upcoming album set to hit the streets on the 25th of November.


The name of his upcoming album is THIS IS RELIGION and will host features such as Joda Kgosi, Una Rams and Maglera Doe Boy just to name a few.





THIS IS RELIGION, a compilation album by MashBeatz of Outtathisworld . The compilation takes us through today’s fundamentally social phenomenon and a reconnection of all subjects involved, basically a way of living.

This project takes us through a self-re-discovery, the way all sounds are so connected from OPTIMISTIK TO NEVER RIDE remix. The whole project is deliberately versatile to the ears, this was done so that everyone could have a favorite eventually. It’s outtathisworld

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