Exciting news in the South African music industry as Record and Management label STAY LOW – a subsidiary of Steyn Entertainment – artist, lordkez, announces the release of her upcoming EP later this month.

In a sneak peak of what’s to come, the multidimensional artist drops her new honey-coated track, Belladonna – featuring South African female powerhouse R&B/Pop singer and songwriter, Shekhinah – as the lead single off her upcoming EP titled ‘midsummer”, which is set to hit the soundwaves with a bang on the 21st of October 2021.

The experimental R&B beat contributes to the surreal, magical energy that radiates from Belladonna. When speaking about the message behind the track, lordkez states,

“Belladonna is a song that represents divine female energy; it challenges the social constructs that have been formed around how a woman should behave. It raises the question of what is and isn’t acceptable for women to do with their bodies and encourages the ownership of their sexuality. It is ultimately a celebration of female power.”

Having two women on the track represents female empowerment and encourages women to be happy and confident in their own skin. lordkez wants to reinforce body-confidence, self-love and more through her music. The lyrics of Belladona, along with the beat, tell a deeper story “I do not care if you don’t…I don’t need you to stay”… she wants women to feel this power and feel free from validation.

Be sure to check out Belladonna and keep an eye out for the ‘midsummer’ EP drop on 21 October 2021.

lordkez, real name Keziah, cites her first musical memory as witnessing her mother and uncle playing the organ at church. Keziah quickly picked up the instrument herself and by the time she was a teenager, she had taught herself to play the keys and strum the guitar – all by ear. She also frequently painted, sketched, experimented with fashion and dabbled in poetry; all forms of creative expressions encouraged by her mother.

At 16, Keziah and her sister relocated to the UAE due to a job opportunity that her mother was pursuing. Initially met with a culture shock as a result of her small-town sensibilities being vehemently shaken in the vastness of Abu Dhabi, she quickly grew to embrace the new energy of metropolitan life. Exposed to new perspectives, it was during her stint at the city’s international school that Keziah first conceived her dreams of becoming a musician, and subsequently wrote her first original song. It was then that lordkez was born.

With her talents being recognised globally, 2021 promises a lot more from this avid abstract artist, poet, writer and musician.

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