Johannesburg, South Africa – Friday, 27 July 2022 – LOKI ADDS SIR TRILL TO THE REMIX OF SHODA NGAMI

How do you take a smash hit and make it better? You add Blxckie and Sir Trill. The remix version of the single “Shoda Ngami” has that exact formula. Loki wasted no time in collaborating with these South African giants and created something that will force you groove to it. The SKHANDAWORLD artist is clearly on the right track to becoming the next big in SA music.  Sir Trill surprises the country by going back to his original style of artistry – rap which gives the song that added ingredient of genius.

Mr Lokshin picks up Sir Trill and takes him to his origins within the music industry as he had started off as a rapper. Sir Trill shows off his lyric skills to compete with some of the best rapper now. We do not have to be reminded of what Loki can do on an instrumental as he has shown his skills previously. Known for his amapiano hit singles and singing, Sir Trill comes in as a surprise as we have not publicly heard his rap verses. The multitalented muso did not disappoint at all.

The song is available on all DSPs: CLICK HERE

About The Song:

The lyrics of the song are delivered in a Durban Street lingo that the pair is so synonymously known for, where they make a reference that without either of them something is bound to be missing — More specifically to the lady of interest that both acts are rapping about in their individual verses.

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