14 November 2022, South Africa – Lady Du’s much-anticipated UK tour has come to a close with memorable performances in Leeds and Northampton. The tour was supported by BULLDOG Gin following the brand’s long-standing relationship with Lady Du. In celebrating the tour and championing those who #beginbold, BULLDOG Gin offered two of Lady Du’s fans the opportunity to take part in the trip, after a competition was run earlier this year – and two lucky locals did just that.

Commenting on the experience and what her UK tour means to her, Lady Du says: “It’s such a great experience. It represents more opportunities; more open doors for a lot of people. The Amapiano genre has changed the whole concept of staying in South Africa and being a South African performer. We are reaching more fans.”

Lady Du and BULLDOG Gin’s partnership began with BULLDOG Gin’s Begin Bold digital storytelling series, which launched in 2021. The campaign features compelling short films that follow the impactful bold beginnings of different protagonists, including Lady Du, as they embrace the chance to express themselves in a way that stays true to their authentic self. Each protagonist shares their experiences of following their inner drive to break away from the routines they were in and begin a new and passionate venture that would go on to define them.

In Lady Du’s film, she muses about how she found her passion for music after her father taught her how to DJ at the age of 10. As her career began to take flight, Lady Du went on to earn a living at her father’s car workshop to fund recording her own music. Reflecting on her bold beginning, Lady Du says, “It doesn’t matter where you come from or what connections you have. Find your light. It starts with you.”

“Working with BULLDOG Gin was a life-changing moment for me because they activated my vision,” says Lady Du. “Sometimes you have a vision and you want to show everyone who you really are and how you live, without creating an alter-ego. Starting the Begin Bold campaign was such a great thing for my vision of my career – BULLDOG was able to tell my story and show people who I really am.”

When asked about what’s next for Lady Du, she speaks of an upcoming album drop and her next tour. She also reveals, “I’ve been songwriting for a lot of artists. I’ve written for Boity, I’ve written for Mr JazziQ, I’ve written for Kamo Mphela. I’ve written for a lot of people. I co-write as well. Before I even started singing Amapiano – the reason I started singing Amapiano – was because I was a songwriter. I’m busy with a few projects that I can’t mention.”

Lady Du concludes, “I’d like to open a music school more than anything. That’s my biggest dream – to be able to teach the business side of music.”

To wrap the BULLDOG Gin tour partnership, Lady Du will be doing two more shows on home soil in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. Fans can expect to see Lady Du at Rands in Cape Town on 03 December 2022, while the Johannesburg show date and location is yet to be announced.


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