9 June 2023 Johannesburg, South Africa: Award winning singer and social media influencer Khanyisa Jaceni has released a new single titled, Suka in partnership with Tyler ICU.


Most recognised for her witty and comical lyrics, Khanyisa Jaceni has teamed up with Tyler ICU to deliver another chart topping single. The highly anticipated Suka’s roots have spread through TikTok causing a social media stir which has granted the internet sensation the ability to create a dance challenge fit for the 808 keys provided by the new wave Tyler ICU has recently manufactured.


The pair worked on Tyler’s first single of the year, Ngimoja which garnished major success across radio, TikTok and digital music charts across all stores.


Inspired by dance culture and its current impact on amapiano, Suka is a single about a dancer who is declaring war amongst fellow dancers. In the single a confident Khanyisa repeatedly tells her opponents to get out of the way as she makes her way to the top.


Speaking about her new found working relationship with Tyler ICU, Khanyisa said the following ” Bottmline is that TYLER ICU is the man, he was the man when he made Ungazincishi for Riky Rick and he is the man now that we have made Ngi Moja and Suka. I hope our fans enjoy this new single”


Suka also features new kids in the block Nandipha 808 and CEEKA SA.







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