Johannesburg, South Africa – Friday, 13 May 2022- Karabo M Releases Icebo Lenkosi

The talented Christen singer returns with Icebo Lenkosi, as his first release of the year. Karabo M’s music strives to fill in those gaps of feeling worthless and he proves it again as ”Icebo Lenkosi” affirms his faith in Him. Karabo M’s music is filled with anointing, he says. Its not just music – it can be used as a revival tool or even a salve for the listener who may be experiencing hardships.


Having previously released 2 singles (Lempi and Ngoziphilela respectively), one can already tell that this album is themed around the spiritual battles we face as individuals and fight to win. Karabo M reminds us that no greater weapon exists outside than having God on your side and you trusting in his plan.


The slow tempo magical sounds take you on a journey of thankfulness and know that there is a bigger plan for everyone. Speaking on the inspiration of the single, Karabo M noted that, “ icebo leNkosi ngempilo yami langisondeza emuseni, emuseni wakhe ngathol’ivangeli, emuseni wakhe” stating that you need to know all is in your favour.


The Song is available on all DSPs: CLICK HERE

About Icebo Lenkosi:


Let’s get back to trusting the Lord through “Icebo Lenkosi” (God’s Plan). Karabo M offers us a message of faith and hope to revive our faith in Him. The song is from his forthcoming album “Icebo Lenkosi”.


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