Johannesburg, South Africa – Wednesday, 07 September 2022 – KARABO M CONTINUES ROLL OUT WITH NGIYOHLULEKA (ACOUSTIC) VIDEO

The roll out continues as Karabo M prepares to drop his much-anticipated project Icebo LenkosiNgiyohluleka, sees Karabo M express that prayer will deliver him from all troubles. He features Jumbo on this one, who is another talented faith singer.  Karabo M’s music strives to fill in those gaps of feeling worthless and he proves it again as ”Icebo Lenkosi” affirms his faith in Him. Karabo M engraves on Alpha noOmega that the higher power is the way to live your life to the fullest.


The album has been profoundly rooted in the strength of the greater power. He proceeds to praise and worship. One can as of now tell that this collection is themed around the profound fights we face as people and battle to win. Karabo M advises us that no more prominent weapon exists outside than having God on your side and you confiding in his arrangement.


On the acoustic music video, Karabo M performs with a live band, and digs deep within the music to showcase the meaning and emotions of the song. Jumbo fits like a puzzle on this single and show his strength in voice.



About Ngiyohluleka (Acoustic):

Acoustic Music Video is the 4th offering from the forthcoming album “Icebo Lenkosi”. The song is derived from the traditional church hymn and it speaks on giving your all to God in order for Him to redeem you. the visuals are shot from the UMG ZA studios.

About Icebo Lenkosi:


Let’s get back to trusting the Lord through “Icebo Lenkosi” (God’s Plan). Karabo M offers us a message of faith and hope to revive our faith in Him. The song is from his forthcoming album “Icebo Lenkosi”.

About Alpha NoOmega:

Karabo M reconnects us with the higher power with his latest offering “Alpha No Omega” from his forthcoming album “Icebo Lenkosi”. Although the melodies are kept rooted in their traditions, the cadence in the delivery remind you that this song can be sung a million different ways and yet retain its original meaning.

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