JZYNO joins the A-Team, Vth Season, for Southern, Eastern and Central African talent and music representation
Johannesburg, Thursday, 3 August 2023 – Award-winning rising Africa star, JZYNO (JEH-ZEE-NO) officially joins the A-Team signing a talent and music management deal with Vth Season for Southern, Eastern and Central African territories. JZYNO’s signing to the Pan-African leading creative music marketing agency sees him join a roster of talent each bringing with them a unique and authentically African flair such as the likes of Ami Faku, TRESOR, Benny Afroe, Nhlonipho, Manu Worldstar and AKA.

With a global spotlight on him over the past few months with his viral hit single “Butta My Bread” garnering 100M plus streams and counting across major DSP, 5M views on YouTube, 1.2M uses of the song on TikTok, #1 song in multiple countries, #2 song on the world Afrobeats most popular songs, and #33 on the Top 50 global chart and counting; JZYNO is poised to conquer the global music scene, adding South Africa as a key territory for his music expansion.

“The SA market is a great market. People in South Africa are supportive towards our Afrobeats genre, so there’s no doubt when it comes to supporting good music. The people of South Africa love good music – the best thing I can do is introduce my music to them, as seen with my song “Butta My bread” which is slowly picking up in South Africa, which is a huge plus for me,” reveals JZYNO.

“We partnered with Vth Season because of their existing credibility in South Africa and other parts of East Africa. Track record is important, and we believe they have the track record to move in the same direction as us,” shares Emma Jarnyneh, JZYNO’s manager.

“We at Vth Season pride ourselves in working with really solid artists with a bright spark. JZYNO is primed to become a shining star from West Africa. We enjoy his work ethic and his superb talent. It’s a combination for massive success with our collaboration. Southern and Eastern African music and concert lovers are going to love him,” expresses BENZA, Chief Opportunity Creator & Culture Investor at Vth Season.

With new music on the way, make sure to connect with JZYNO and Vth Season online today, and keep posted for some exciting inroads across Southern, Eastern and Central African territories.

Be on the lookout for JZYNO’s “Butta My Bread” music video shot by Nigeria’s Clarence Peters.

Connect with JZYNO:
Facebook: @jzyno
Instagram: @jzyno__
TikTok: @jzyno__
Threads: @jzyno__

Connect with Vth Season:
Facebook: @VTHSeasonAudio
X: @vthseason
Instagram: @vthseason

To book JZYNO – bookings@vthseason.com

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