Jub Jub returns from his lengthy hiatus with a brand-new track titled ‘Soldier’. The track features award-winning rapper, Emtee and serves as the lead single to Jub Jub’s forthcoming album ‘New Dawn’.

In ‘Soldier’ we explore Jub Jub’s journey in life from when he started out in music with having a lot of people around to losing those that he deemed as friends, but life got better when he started making better decisions and associating himself with the right people even though it was never the same. You also get to understand that, when life comes with challenging moments that might lead you to compromise on certain values, but it does not mean it is the end of the world as you are a soldier and born for all types of battles in life.

Emtee further details the song with an ear-catching hook and his vision going forward as he never had it easy and he understood what it required for him to get out of the situation with better circumstances and room for opportunities especially for his family and the people that surround him.

Soldier more or less is a message to those that never believed in Jub Jub and Emtee and can be extracted in anybody else’s life story as it showcases how far you will get if you choose not to give in to the people’s negativity as well as persevering your dreams, as nothing is impossible for as long as you believe in yourself and your dreams. Everything else will make sense in time as the song is dedicated to the daily hustlers and those that want to reach the highest ceilings within their journeys. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, let this song be your daily motivator as to why you should just hold on.

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