All-rounder musician, DJ, producer and event organiser, Jabzz Dimitri, uplifts and keeps the dream going  until it becomes a reality with his new single titled Iphupho featuring Kuhle.

The anthemic Afro-House song has great melodies and vocals, with Jabzz Dimitri bringing through his signature tribal drums, he gives a strong message of hope and reminds us how valid our dreams are.

Jabzz Dimitri‘s Iphupho follows his recent release A Prayer, a spiritual and uplifting song which featured the multi-talented Kekelingo.

Iphupho meaning ‘the dream’ talks about how we constantly live each day to see the dream that we continuously work towards daily, come to fruition.

Kekelingo‘s single launch has been postponed to the 25th of June. Tickets still available on WebTickets


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