¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Johannesburg, South Africa ‚Äď Thursday, 11 November 2021 –¬†Imali¬†hitmaker, Karyendasoul releases EP,¬†Imizamo.

Karyendasoul is arguably one of the best discoveries of this year. The previously bubbling under afro-tech producer-DJ, who has co-signs from leading producer-DJs including Euphonik, Black Coffee and Sun-El Musician, has formally asserted himself. Signed to Zakes Bantwini’s record label, Mayonie Productions. The two are behind the current afro-tech summer hit single, Imali. 

Following the release of Imali, it did not take long thereafter for Karyendasoul to receive the recognition he deserves for his musicality. First the single made its radio charting entry as #8 following the official release of the single. In light of the success, Karyendasoul had then shared that:

‚ÄúIt‚Äôs been exactly a week since my new single Imali with Zakes Bantwini, featuring Nana Atta dropped and oh my! I am absolutely blown away by all the love and support from everyone all over the world. A reminder,¬† pre-order for the¬†Imizamo EP¬†still up, EP out 12 November.‚ÄĚ

Imizamo EP, is a four track EP which continues to advance the contemporary sound of afro-tech electronic inspired music. Karyendasoul showcases his own signature within the house sub-genre, joining the current movement to advance the sound further in the mainstream. The EP blends respected voices in the sub-genre including Banwtini, BlaQRhythm and Sun-El Musician. But it also introduces us to the rising voices in the sub-genre including Priscilla on Control, and Maline Aura on Amagama.


About Imizamo:

Coming off his¬†well received¬†single “In Control,” featuring Los Angeles vocalist Zhao,¬†DJ¬†and dance music producer¬†Karyendasoul¬†presents his latest EP,¬†Imizamo. Over four alluring songs the Eastern Cape-born artist enlists the producer/vocalist Zakes Bantwini, Nana Atta,¬†Priscilla¬†and Sun-EL Musician to shore up his iteration of Electronic Afro House.

With his name extracted from a divine Burundian drum Рhis fusion of tribal elements, infectious vocals and electro sensibilities interplay with raw percussion that is cocooned in stirring African chants, pulsing basslines and synth-laden soundbeds.

Imizamo¬†is a brief dose of this¬†well-orchestrated¬†style: a dance-driven offering geared towards club stages and¬†vibrant festivals. Title track “Imizamo” is crafted with¬†BlaQRhythm,¬†Teezy¬†Musician and Nana Atta and encloses keys, raw¬†kicks¬†and choral strings into its mid-tempo progressions. For its part, certified afro-tech hit “Imali” sees Nana Atta and Zakes Bantwini duet for a vocal performance that builds to an¬†infectious crescendo and shares its¬†lyrically driven¬†essence with the¬†Mauline¬†Aura-assisted “Amagama”.

This intersection of rhythmic¬†afrohouse¬†and electronic elements is encapsulated across this body of work and is stylistically apparent on “Control” which sees a collaboration with singer Priscilla and producer Sun-EL Musician. Here, a vibrant¬†afrotech¬†vibe is infused with a futuristic impulse whilst balmy vocals are woven between syncopated claps.

With a myriad of melodic directions and engaging production underpinning it;¬†Karyendasoul’s¬†Imizamo¬†EP is a presentation of his ability to curate¬†afrocentric¬†sounds that will soundtrack a night of great memories

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