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Johannesburg, South Africa – Friday, 19 November 2021 – Vigro Deep releases London inspired album, Far Away From Home with lead, In The Dark.

In August of this year, Vigro Deep travelled to London, England for the first time ever. During his trip he would get to play pn stages looking to grow amapiano across the seas. His most notable sets being as part of the AMA Fest 2021 and the Boiler Room TV Amapiano special. Not only that but Vigro Deep also got to meet EDM producer-DJ, Skrillex.

Seemingly inspired by the experience and new musical influences he experienced during his visit. The Baby Boy opted to share his experience through his double-disc 20 track album, Far Away From Home, #FAFH. The first lead anthem off of FAFH was the introductory hit, I Am Vigro Deep; an experimental track which was Vigro Deep’s exploration of the inspirations and references which have informed amapiano.

Now he delivers the whole listening experience of FAFH. The first disc, which is titled by the first track, Smooth, is the vocally led section of the album with tracks including All About You, Fire & Ice and Been Waiting. The Smooth disc is also the home of the lead single of the album, In The Dark, which is the anthem that sees Vigro Deep begin to layer musical references from house sub-genres including deep house and afro-tech.

On the second disc labelled after the first track, Turbulence. Vigro Deep gives fans an instrumentally charged nine-track disc. Boasting notable tracks including Genesis, Can You Feel My Heart, Life Of The Party and Attention Seeker.

The album is available across all DSP.

About In The Dark:


In The Dark, featuring DJ Buckz is the first track of Far Away From home which opens with the signature contemporary amapiano intro. However, the percussion has a synth interpretation. Initially, the song’s production play’s second fiddle to the vocals. Before, the arrangement meshes the two sonic experiences.

As has been set up, the song’s mid-section begins to layer musical references from house sub-genres including deep house and afro-tech. This is made clear with the drum solos in the mid-section.Vocally, the song is courting a woman. This is as the vocals ask to be given a chance because they are so enamoured by love that they can find their love interest in the dark.

About Far Away From Home:

Far Away From Home is the first album from Vigro Deep which is not attached to his popular nickname, Baby Boy. The double disk album is inspired by the amapiano producer-DJ’s recent trip to London and the influences he was inspired by during his trip. Far Away From Home is the double disc album which on the one side plays with vocals, and the other disc provides a full immersive sonic listening experience.

Disc 1 is signified by the introductory track, Smooth. The intro details the experience of getting into the plane and being lulled by the pilot into a safe trip. Over a 11-track listening experience, Vigro Deep explores how vocals have informed his musicality. Moreover, the disc explores how to juxtapose sounds like amapiano with its contemporaries like EDM, disco, deep, afro and afro-tech house on the same track. Only being anchored by the vocals and harmonies.

Disc two follows the same tenets. However, labelled by the introductory track, Turbulence. This side of the disc is the instrument led section of the album. In nine tracks, Vigro Deep begins most songs with an amapiano intro, and uses the body of the song to interlace a specific house sub-genre which has influenced amapiano.

The album concludes with the contemporary amapiano single, The One, with afro house tenets using the hi-hats and drums to push forward the song. With additional afro-tech hints using lo-fi elements just below the beat.

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