Johannesburg, South Africa – Friday, 6 May – Hitmaker Supta partnered up with Nkosazana Daughter for dance hit Indoda emadodeni


Certified Hitmaker, Supta started the year strong with the visuals for club banger Amajuba alongside co-producer Peekay and singer Aymos dropping. Amajuba, which had the summer covered, was the beginning of Supta showcasing his growth as a producer leading up to his new single Indoda Emadodeni. Where he blends his kaleidoscope of instrumentation and Nkosazana Daughter’s harmonies.

The multifaceted radio & television personality and producer had been teasing the song on social media platforms. It has since been patiently anticipated by many. The partnership with Supta and Nkosazana Daughter is promising the take over the dance club scene.

Indoda Emadodeni translated means “A Man amongst Men” in Nguni languages and a is powerful statement. With the Supta’s mid-tempo and hard hitting bassline, the songstress Nkosazana Daughter effortlessly and sonically explains what the statement Indoda Emadodeni signifies, that no matter what comes your way, you need to strive to be the best and succeed, through all the trial and error.

The chemistry between Supta and Nkosazana Daughter musically created an inspirational and motivational message for all.  The single provides a reminder of how Afro House Music evokes deeper emotion as we have seen before.

The single is available across all digital music platforms: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO INDODA EMADODENI

About Indoda Emadodeni:

Since his last release of “Amajuba”, Supta has partnered up with the vocal songstress in Nkosazana Daughter to bring you a genuine house track “Indoda Emadodeni”. It’s an inspirational song coupled with the Zulu phrase as the title of the song; speaking about encouraging the young man to preserve in his trials until he reaches his goal of success.

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