Hip-Hop 411 and Clash MC presented one of the kind Battle Rap tournament events in the history of Battle Rap in South Africa on the 30 March 2019 in TrenchTown, Observatory, Cape-Town. This was a city to city rap battle event and this was a battle league vs battle league battle spectacular. Them stakes were very high, even thoughCape-Town’s and Clash MC’s poster-boy Battle Rapper Rogan ducked his opponent(Fahrenheit) in the last minute who traveled all the way from Joburg for a dope contest amoungst the other battle rappers that faced each other. It was event event that lived up to it expectations. Shout out to the Mother City culture supporters who came out in numbers to give back love to art form and culture both brand appreciate y’all fully. This is the 2nd drop episode Atom Frank (Clash MC) vs P.O.T (Power Of Thought) (Hip-Hip 411) please do enjoy and tell us what you think of the overall Rap Battle.

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