The GqomTech and Dance newcomer recently partnered with Grammy Award winner Nomcebo Zikode’s label, Emazulwini Productions.

Johannesburg — Friday, 30 June: South African singer-songwriter Sykes has finally released his eagerly anticipated new single titled “Sisekakeni Babies” across all platforms. This comes after the song first took off and went viral on popular social media platform TikTok back in May.


After several years on the cusp of achieving mainstream success, the 22-year-old gqom tech and dance musician has finally marked his arrival as a bonafide star on the local music scene. Over the past month alone, Sykes’ TikTok following has shot up from 500 followers to over 23K.




“I’m so excited to finally drop this single after all the hype online. At first, I thought I might miss the opportunity if I take too long but the hype keeps getting bigger and bigger.” The new single is basically about forgetting about one’s worries and having a good time with some close friends.


“It’s so funny because basically everyone is taking it as meaning that everyone is in trouble when this kid drops. But all I meant is the ladies are in trouble because we’re about to go on a trip, we’re about to spend money, all those luxurious things.”


“Sisekakeni Babies” is released in partnership with Grammy Award winner Nomcebo Zikode’s record label, Emazulwini Productions. Nomcebo explained, “Sykes is such a special talent and there were so many different record labels trying to sign him. I’m so proud that he chose us and trusted us to work with him on this new hit single. He’s got such a bright future and we’ve got some incredible things planned for him soon.


Issued on behalf of Emazulwini Productions.


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