Nomfundo Moh is officially a household name. The soulful songstress with an angelic voice set out in 2021 to establish herself as a superstar, and she did just that!

In her short-lived stint in music, tracks such as Lilizela and Umthwalo have gone on to peak in the top 20 RAMS chart on local radio, but it was it was the release of now anthem and gold certified hit Phakade Lami that she became one of the biggest artists in the continent of 2022. The music video to the Ami Faku and Sha Sha collaboration now sits with over 7.8 million views and is currently trending in Top 5- five month since the release of the visuals.

Moreover, in January this year she released a debut and critically acclaimed 13-track album titled Amagama. To support the album’s release, the Apple’s Rising African Star is now ready to drop her first visuals since her album hit the shelves. The music video she is dropping today is for her  TikTok hit, Ngam’khetha, featuring Beast RSA and her producer, Naxion Cross.

Directed by go-to direct Slowman Films, the music video’s narrative is based on the lyrical content of the mid-tempo, melodic ballad.

In the song Moh details how she fell in love and has chosen to spend her life with the man that has chosen her and paid her cows in full.

The visuals blend tradition with the contemporary in terms of how nuptials have now incorporated Western ideals with South African traditions. Beast RSA stands as the priest officiating the nuptials.

Ngam’khetha’s music video is touching, romantic and highlights the growth and production value of Nomfundo Moh’s growing success.

The Ngamkhetha music video goes live now at 15:00 CAT: Click here to watch Ngam’khetha



About Amagama:


Nomfundo Moh’s Amagama is the debut afro-pop album by the 20 years old singer and songwriter hailing from KwaZulu Natal. In 14 tracks, Moh formally introduces herself and her current state in songs which highlight her tradition, her current stance on relationships and her aspirations as a young musician finding her voice in the music industry.

Amagama as an afro-pop album straddles between pop and R&B inspired singles with some surprises. The opening track, Revelation (Intro), featuring prose by Mgcina Kanina makes the themes and intention of the album clear. This is as it details the aspirations of a young woman attempting to find herself in her spirituality, love and in her occupational pursuits. Sonically, the album is categorized by the contemporary take on afro-pop through the addition of elements like the breaks in her tracks which is more common with hip hop-based songs.

The first half of the album consists of Moh starting the conversation on spirituality with singles like Umthwalo and Lilizela. She then begins exploring love with tracks including Sintsha, featuring Naxion Cross and Lady K, and Jikeleza. Her opening song exploring the theme of sisterhood and womanhood then begins with the touching ode, Isandla Sikamama.

In the second half of the album Nomfundoh shares what she has learnt so far about the themes recurring in her album. Moreover, she aims to inspire her listeners to go for their dreams, despite the fear of failure. Soft Life marks the beginning of this trajectory as the song calls for blessing so she too can live a soft life. This theme she explores further with tracks including Nginjena, Kuhle,featuring De Mthuda and Da Muziqal Chef and Amagama. Moreover, she paints a happier picture of love through the release of singles including Ngam’ Khetha, featuring Naxion Cross and Beast RSA and Phakade Lami, featuring Ami Faku and Sha Sha.

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