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Today, global superstar and multi-Latin GRAMMY Award winner J Balvin partners with 8x GRAMMY Award winning megastar USHER and world renowned hitmaker and producer, DJ Khaled, to release the high-energy dance track, DIENTES.

“DIENTES” promises to become the new global anthem, set to ignite dance floors worldwide. The song includes an iconic interpolation of USHER’s 2004 record-breaking hit, “Yeah!,” paying homage to one of the most legendary tracks in music history while adding a sizzling Latin twist that’s uniquely J Balvin.

Accompanying this electrifying track is an explosively captivating music video that transports viewers to a realm where nostalgia meets lively entertainment. Set against vibrant backdrops of colorful city streets and a dynamic dance floor that comes to life, the video pulses in rhythm with J Balvin’s exhilarating beats, USHER’s smooth R&B magic and DJ Khaled’s signature sound. These carefully curated visuals create an immersive journey, not only paying homage to the past but propelling “DIENTES” into the future as an unforgettable and musical masterpiece.

DIENTES is a unique collaboration of styles and genres converging three distinct and very successful artists into one song that promises to be an unforgettable and timeless hit. Produced by a powerhouse team, including Mura Masa, Fred Ball, DJ Luian, Mambo Kingz, Tainy, and Michael Brun, “DIENTES” is a testament to J Balvin’s ability to reinvent and reimagine music while staying true to his Latino roots.

J Balvin’s illustrious music catalog boasts over 110 billion streams to date, recording the most number of streams in the history of Vevo. Balvin leads the industry as one of the most successful artists on YouTube, with an astonishing 14 videos surpassing the billion-view mark with another on the horizon of breaking the barrier. Throughout his career, Balvin has scored 18 songs in Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and sits as the #39th artist in Spotify’s Top Global Artist chart sporting a total of 51.8 million monthly listeners. He currently ranks among the top 10 most streamed artists worldwide, further underscoring monumental popularity and reach. Balvin continues to push the barriers of music by leading the charge and paving the way for the new generation of Latin artists and has been accredited as one of the first in the genre to successfully build the bridge from Reggaeton to the mainstream.

“DIENTES” is available on all streaming platforms, and the music video can be viewed on J Balvin’s official YouTube channel.

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