The most popular show is our interview series “1-on-1 w/Deuces” which is IMDb accredited in which Young Deuces of the podcast interviews celebrities such as Jovian Wade (Doom Patrol), Brandon McKnight (The Flash), Gary Anthony Williams (The Boondocks), Van Lathan (TMZ), KevonStage, Carl Jones (The Boondocks), Ian Sinclair (DragonBall Super) & More!
The 3rd 3rd show, Geekset Rewind – A show in which they go back and watch an anime, movie or show and give their live reactions in the moment.
Lastly, is our Twitch show that we’re just getting off the ground.
Attached is their Elevator Pitch pager. Again the goal is to bring them on your radar for reporting, support and collaboration if ever needed.
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