Mapetla Born rapper Froz dropped an amazing EP called CUTAWAYS as an apology to his fans for not dropping an album “CONCEPTS” he had promised them this year due to the Corona Pandemic. It’s gotten nothing but great reviews and has been spreading to more and more listeners who all agree that this EP is a work of art.

The EP has 10 beautifully written and produced tracks that paint a picture of our everyday lives. Every single track is relatable from ‘light in heart’ to ‘Ndawonye’,

 Froz’s ability to draw you a picture with nothing but his words, is exactly why this project is a success. He takes us through the hardships that most of us have gone through with ‘so ashamed’ and then brings us nostalgia with reminence of our childhood in ’80s baby’ and tells us about how he lost a close friend, who was a new father and partner to his lil sister.

This project is one for ages and not to be forgotten anytime soon. The masses appreciate and love all the hard work and soul he’s put into. He gives the term “put your sweat and tears into your passion” a new meaning.

This is only a sign of greater things to come.

Peep the link below:



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