The government Food Parcel is for free and not for resale , please make sure that you have a South African ID

and you are 18 and above to apply and also make sure that you have phone numbers that are working at all times

If you can afford to buy your own food please do not apply

How to apply food parcel during a lock down if your not getting an salary are free please apply now if you need food
You must be a SA citizen
You must be earning less than 3000
You Must be 18 years old or more


All provinces Are Welcome To Apply

1 Gauteng

2 Eastern Cape

3 Free state

4 Northern Cape

5 Limpopo

6 Mpumalanga

7 North West

8 Western Cape

9 Kwazulu natal


Make sure that you are unemployed and you are not able to get food assistant somewhere , let us try to help one another and if you are able to afford food and more please help others in your community , South Africa Together we can do more !