Johannesburg, South Africa ‚ÄstFriday, 9 April 2021 -DJ Melzi has released his debut music video of the year with La Melza, featuring Mkeyz and Mphow69. The visuals for the soulful, mid-tempo and Amapiano influenced single explores¬†a different setting from any of the recent visuals released before from the subgenre.

Starting with visuals synonymous with ballads, the music video starts off in a theatre. DJ Melzi, Mkeyz and Mphow69 deliver a rousing performance of the song, detailing how party goers all refuse to call it a night. The call and response used in the song, has been used in townships for decades as a form of gratitude to venue owners, promoters and most importantly the attendees of the event.

The La Melza music video¬†showcases that Amapiano can be a theatrical live performance, the music video then goes back to visuals attributed with dance music in South Africa; the club scene and dancing scenes. However, the multi-talented musician pulls out all the stops with a cameo feature of¬†Cassper Nyovest, who supported DJ Melzi’s debut single¬†Bayekele.

The music video is evidence that Amapiano has transitioned from merely dance music, to a textured musical experience encompassing all genres.

About La Melza

La Melza, which features Mkeyz & Mphow69 uses an instrumental sample of the Michael Cleis house classic, Ls Mezcla,and showcases Melzi’s range¬† as a producer. The single is the opening track to his latest release,¬†The Bomb EP.

About The Bomb

he self-appointed leader of the new school of Amapiano, DJ and entrepreneur Tumelo Mphai, also known as DJ Melzi is carving out a name for himself. The Bomb is his latest offering of captivating and commercially appealing Amapiano hits, and is a follow up to his album Eighteen!.

The EP is¬†characterized¬†by and filled with low drum basslines, high-spirited vocal arrangements, and clever sampling of kwaito, house, and other retro pop culture references. Other stand out tracks on the EP include¬†I Won’t Do It Again¬†with Uncle, which features a catchy kwaito-influenced vocal chant; as well as¬†Chakalaka,¬†which features¬†Kammu Dee & Semi Tee¬†of¬†Labantwana¬†Ama¬†Uber¬†fame. The track has a heavy low bass, accompanied by high-pitched synths alongside Semi Tee’s vocal¬†ad-libs.¬†On¬†Oh¬†Mapiano¬†featuring¬†Cole¬†the Vocalist¬†updates the popular Brazilian classic¬†Mas, Que Nada¬†for the¬†Amapiano¬†audience. For the purists and fans of deep house, DJ¬†Melzi¬†also has the fully instrumental tracks,¬†Hidden¬†Elements, and vocally scant¬†Great Wall of China¬†on the EP.

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