October 2021 –  Proudly South African platform, DJ Heaven, has been announced as the official reseller and distributor of Chroma products in South Africa. DJ Heaven is an online ‘home away from home’ for DJ’s. Supplying its users with useful information, instructive courses and top of the line equipment that would make any DJ tear up with joy.
On top of all this DJ Heaven has just come out with some of its most exciting news to date: a DJ Tech Tools partnership and a line of Chroma Caps and Cables being supplied in SA exclusively through DJ Heaven.
With this announcement, DJ heaven can give DJs and Producers access to world-class gear and accessories to make their Dj and production setup sexier. Over 70 000 DJs and producers globally have replaced their knobs and faders with Chroma Caps. A line of high-performance knobs designed for DJs and musicians. Chroma’s brilliant colours and cap variations let artists express and organise gear the way they want and are very easy to install, requiring no expertise or hardware.
Chroma Cables, on the other hand, represent their line of high quality usb cables that come in a collection of colours just like their caps. These cables can serve the same above organisational function as their cap counterpart. They feature fast speed usb 2.0, shielding, ferrite chokes and gold plated connectors, so you can connect in style, not to mention the built in velcro straps, which help you store cables in style too.
With DJ Heaven and Chroma, DJs can get a serious upgrade on any device. DJ Heaven also bundles together curated sets of caps, such as the Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 bundle (a collection of Chroma Caps perfect for any DDJ-400 owners.)
To get your hands on your own Chroma Caps or Cables, check out the DJ Heaven website: https://thisisdjheaven.com/product-category/chroma-caps/

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