Daddies and babies is a monthly event that aims to promote good daddies and babies relations.


With this movement, we aim to fill any void caused by fathers not spending enough time with their children. Due to the hectic schedules that come with adult life, we have discovered that one may live under the same roof as their children, but fail to spend enough time with them on a personal level, we also try to motivate absent fathers to start playing their parts.


Just one day of a father dedicated to his children, could lead to a constant presence not only set to one day but a string of different activities which could foster to building better daddy and baby relations, contributing to a better upbringing.


As daddies and babies we would also like to promote good co-parenting skills towards parents who have separated, and in that way do away with stereotypes, and hash tags such as ‘’MEN ARE TRASH’’


On the day of the event we participate in activities that strengthen daddies and babies relationships, while also hosting and celebrating birthdays each month for the babies. It costs R50 per head, which is maximized to accommodate both daddies and babies. Money is deposited to the daddies and babies FNB account number: 62793948070 before the day of the actual event. Events are usually held at Ubuntu Kraal, Soweto.








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