As early as their very first collaboration, New Balance has used Casablanca as a vehicle to debut new silhouettes. For example, this past weekend, art director Steve Grimes teased early imagery of the XC-72, a spiritual follow-up to the much simpler 327. And now, only days thereafter, he has shared yet another interpretation: this time a take-down appropriately dubbed the 237.

In terms of design, the 237’s allusions to the aforementioned are very clear as the shape alone is rather reminiscent. However, the sole, which mimics the oversized bulk of the original, removes the overextended lugs the 327 proudly utilized time and time again. The rest of the construction takes a similar, streamlined approach, with the patterned toe cap now entirely sectioned off from the neutral eye stays above. “N” logos remain their usual size, with an extra, colorful pink layer behind, while the counter wraps with the same print as the paneling directly opposite. What’s more, the tongue seems to forgo all NB branding; in its place, an ornamental strip crosses from the top down to the vamp.

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