After starring in Pepsi’s Super Bowl commercial, Cardi B and the soft drink giant have teamed up for another ad, which will premiere during the 61st Grammy Awards on Sunday (Feb. 10).

The new commercial continues the brand’s More Than Okay campaign, and features a cameo from drag queen MonĂ©t X Change.

The advertisement kicks off in a retro-styled diner, as a waitress hits a customer with the all-too-familiar “is Pepsi okay?” question. Cardi butts in, “Did you just ask if Pepsi’s okurrr?” The flabbergasted waitress gives her a puzzled look. “Of course Pepsi is okurrr.”

Everyone else in the restaurant gets wind of what happened and gives their best shot at repeating Cardi’s signature “okurrr” call. Pigeons outside the diner even mimic the echoing sound. “That’s what I’m talking about,” the Bronx native states in approval of another customer’s Pepsi order. “Eowww.”

he commercial comes to a close with Cardi’s “I Like It” instrumental starting up. The Bad Bunny and J Balvin-assisted track is up for record of the year at the Grammy Awards.

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