Creativity takes many forms. For some, it lies in the inspired excellence of cutting-edge photography and graphic design. For others it is found in a garment’s flow and swirl or the craftsmanship of an award winning brandy. In South Africa, with its unique heritage and outlook, it can be a heady mixture of all four. Linking the fields is Butan, who is creating an expressive platform for creatives powered by KWV 3 Year Old Brandy.

The venture is integrating photography, videography, fashion and design, to give South Africans new insights into a unique cultural outlook. One of the project’s creative directors is well established photographer, Mishaal Gangaram, who is renowned for the unexpected twists that he introduces into his work. He will be directing the first phase, which includes creating photo and video lookbooks, exploring the links between art, spirits and garments.

“This will formally launch the Butan Creatives project, which we believe will be groundbreaking within culture at large and beneficial to young African creatives,” says Buyi Msithini, Marketing Manager at Butan. The visual art team will be energised by young directors and photographers such as Mishaal Gangaram , stylist Sheli Masondo, hair Beezybraidsza, makeup artist Skye – Children of Midas, videographer Alvyn Tona, art direction Children of Midas, BTS photographer and videographer EddyStep.

They are chosen for their credibility and relevance in street culture. Also highlighted is the fact that KWV 3 Year Old Brandy is building a following amongst the latest generation of proud young South Africans who recognise KWV Brandy’s rich South African heritage and artful blending to achieve a vibrant brandy with a full, smooth, and fruity taste.

“Our message is that creative excellence takes many forms and that KWV 3 Year Old Brandy, as the foundation of our craft with its character and excitement, is a natural and harmonious accompaniment to spaces, expressions and events where people with shared tastes meet”, says Alvin Saal, Brand Manager at KWV House of Brandy.

“KWV is an international award-winning brandy brand, which values the elements that combine to form excellence. We have shown this through decades of producing world-class brandy and now, through our partnership in the Butan Creatives project,” Saal concludes.

The campaign will be supported by events alongside Butan and KWV 3 Year Old Brandy. Please stay ready for more news from this great partnership throughout 2023.



Conceptual Photographer Introducing Mishaal Gangaram, a conceptual photographer and artist . After completing a graduate degree in electrical engineering at UCT, Gangaram decided to pursue his passion for creative photography by embarking on this journey in photography full-time, working with fashion designers, brands and music artists alike. His success has definitely been prevalent through the unique twist he always brings to the table.

Makeup Artist Introducing Skye Barnes, a self taught makeup artist, hairstylist & artist. Skye started her career mid-lockdown after dropping out of university to pursue a more creative occupation. Skye also has a background as an aesthetician and laser facial therapist, after following a passion for skin and skin health, which she carries over into her work as a makeup artist.

Videographer Introducing Alvyn Tona. Editor first, as well as Videographer and Music Producer. Alvyn studied sound engineering and majored in Audio Post Production. From that, he pushed into the Video world, first through editing then pursuing videography. Alvyn has worked on TV shows as an engineer, editor and colourist and has shot a handful of corporate work from a low to high scale production.

Hair Stylist A hair stylist extraordinaire born in Meadowlands Soweto, Johannesburg. Bonolo Gabuza, fondly known as Beezy began her hair-story in 2015 when she decided to take braiding seriously. She created a market for herself from house calls and began growing her network from there. It was one very expressive client who requested a tailor-made style be ideated and executed. It was with that designer hairstyle that Beezy’s braids went editorial, then later into production. Beezy has become a leading influencer in hair styles, stories and designer hair in South Africa.

Wardrobe Stylist / Costume Designer Sheli Masondo is a highly acclaimed film stylist and costume designer known for her contributions to various films and theater productions. With a career spanning over decades, Sheli has brought characters to life and helped directors realize their visions through her meticulous attention to detail and creative flair. Her impressive portfolio includes projects such as Zone 14, BLACK IS KING, Tjovitjo, How to Ruin Christmas and recently Shaka Ilembe. Sheli’s unique talent and passion for storytelling have established her as a respected figure in the industry.

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