If the 61st annual Grammy Awards is anything to go by, it seems 2019 might be the year for the futuristic fashion inspiration. But while some celebs served up avant-garde looks that made us green-eyed with envy, others completely missed the memo.



Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith gave us some flamingo flavour on the Grammys red carpet, and we were all for it. Essentially a leotard with a long feathered train, the flapper-esque gown showed off her toned figure without revealing too much skin resulting in a look that was both elegant and sexy — no easy feat.

The Red Table Talk host also gets bonus points for her styling. We loved the way the cut of her hair mimicked the feathers of her train, and that she kept her accessories minimal  — a wise choice with a dress that has a lot of detail.


Singer Janelle Monae always brings something different to fashion (remember the vagina pants she wore in her music video Pynk?).

For the 61st annual Grammys, she stood out from the crowd in a sculptured, well-tailored dress with oversized shoulders and a square-brimmed hat fashioned out of safety pins.

We love her avant-garde look because it’s fresh, arty and out of the ordinary.

Alicia Keys on the red carpet at the 2019 Grammy Awards.


Grammy host Alicia Keys was a Girl on Fire in a vivid red, button-down dress by Armani. The fact that she looked so comfortable in this simple gown added to her radiance, and the song bird showed us that even when it comes to a glitzy award show, sometimes less is definitely more.



The Money hitmaker certainly didn’t look like a million bucks in this vintage Thierry Mugler couture gown. With it’s top-heavy silhouette, she looked like a burlesque dancer about to tipple out of her champagne coupe. And what was with that strange conical pearl headpiece?

Katy Perry on the red carpet at the 2019 Grammy Awards.


The cut of singer Katy Perry’s sugary pink ‘pinata’ dress was far from flattering and, to make matters worse, she looked so awkward and uncomfortable in it.

The top part of the gown was stunning. If only she’d opted for a straight skirt out of the same fabric and pair of metallic heels, she would have looked gorg.


Makeup mogal Kylie Jenner is usually on point when it comes to fashion, but if there was a point to her 2019 Grammys look, we missed it.

The oversized pants and strange wrap with built-in gloves completely dwarfed her petite frame. If she’d had a matching pale pink helmet, she would have looked as if she was wearing a fashion-forward biohazard suit.

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