Johannesburg, Thursday, 22 September 2022 –  Ask the band what their name means and you get a different story every time. Attend a live show and there’s no telling exactly what you may feel. Welcome to the ever-shifting charge that is Bye Beneco. You’re looking through a kaleidoscope of dreamy indie-pop, laced with cosmic-disco and neon psychedelic sounds, flickering like the glittery eye shadow you wore to the party.
Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Bye Beneco relocated to Berlin in August 2022 where they will expand on international attention gained through milestone performances like Primavera 2018 (BCN). With a strong international network in place, and a consistent flow of new music being released, the band have big plans for the European circuit as well as other potential markets like UK & Australia.
Daddy’s Gone speaks of having one’s youth swiftly replaced by an awkward premature adulthood. The song was sparked by a sudden loss. Musically, listeners are introduced to the track through blooming synth sounds before heading out onto the sonic open road.

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Bye Beneco’s EP (out 27 October 2022 via Platoon) continues telling the story of an outfit who find comfort in change – not only in music, but in life. The creation of this evolved body of work coincides with such change as the band leaves South Africa for an uncharted new chapter in Berlin.
Connect with Bye Beneco:
Instagram: @byebeneco
Facebook: @ByeBeneco

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