Johannesburg, South Africa – Proudly introducing the much anticipated arrival of Cruz Manhattan Blossom into South Africa, just in time for summer. The new variant of the award winning New York brand CRUZ Vintage Black Vodka is finally here.

Wrapped in a decadent pink design, Manhattan Blossom is made from the original Cruz Vintage Black Vodka  and infused with Juniper and Rose.  The premium New York dry craft vodka was developed as a first for South Africa and has done exceptionally well. 

The mouth-watering taste of Juniper with hints of rose and coupled with spiced ruby grapefruit and refreshing cucumber undertone offers a smooth, flavourful liquid perfect for mixing, to be enjoyed with a craft tonic, lemonade or even cranberry juice. 

Cruz Vodka recently launched a series of FOUR delicious summer curated cocktails at South African Fashion Week in Johannesburg to unsuspecting guests. These were very well received by media and fashionistas alike. The creative cocktail menu ties into various flavour profiles, giving any cocktail enthusiast an opportunity to navigate through the different taste options.

These cocktail recipes are available upon request. 

CRUZ MANHATTAN BLOSSOM is available in selected outlets across the country.

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