The Rand Show is excited to announce that just like a real super hero, the Marvel Find Your Power Junior Super Hero Training Academy will be swooping in to thrill families at the 2020 show. This experience is not only a brand-new addition to one of SA’s most iconic events, but it is also a unique offering that families will not be able to experience just anywhere. 


In line with a host of new offerings and the pledge from organisers that there will be a new world to #discover next year, the unique training academy is a Marvel-themed event for children up to 12 years old, and will see them learning the moves of some of Marvel’s most well-known super hero characters in specially-curated sessions. 


Imagine your children learning the moves of some of Marvel’s most iconic super hero characters such as Thor, Black Panther, Captain America, Black Widow as well as Spider-Man. You don’t have to imagine, at the Rand Show they will complete their training and earn their own Marvel Junior Super Hero membership card. Look out for a few surprises too.


As well as a fun-filled opportunity, the Marvel Find Your Power Junior Super Hero Training Academy will empower and inspire your children to be their very own superhero in their everyday lives. Whether its sharing random acts of kindness or taking on the attributes of superhero characters such as leadership, courage, endurance and sacrifice, all will be highlighted and shared with the children. 


The addition is one of several unique experiences at the brand new Play Zone.


This Black Friday you can secure fantastic discounts on your family’s Rand Show entry. Visit on the 29th of November to secure your discounted tickets.

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