With the final season of Game of Thrones rapidly approaching, HBO has come together with the 3-Stripes to create the Game of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost collection. Boasting colour palettes inspired by the show’s most famous characters, this collection is a sneaker nerd and average nerd’s dream.

We have ranked all 6 pairs from best to worse, so what pair will be Ramsay Bolton and what pair will be Jon Snow?

Releasing later in 2019, make sure you download The Sole Supplier App so you do not miss out on the Game of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost collection.

Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost House Lannister

Let’s all pray Cersei gets her comeuppance next season. This Ultra Boost is every bit as jarring as her. With a vivid red on the upper and gold hits on the 3-Stripes, this is not the strongest offering from the collection.

Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost House Stark

Winter is clearly coming with this sneaker. Adorned in a mixture of grey and black, this sneaker perfectly epitomises the dreary surroundings of The North. Simple and effective but we just hoped for more for one of the show’s main protagonists.

Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost House Targaryen

Let’s ignore the fact that Jon Snow is technically getting together with his auntie, this shoe is fire! With ember hues making their way from the toebox to the heel counter, this sneakers colour palette is hard to ignore

Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost White Walker

He hasn’t even said a word and the Night King is already one of the most intriguing characters in all of Westeros (yes he does live in Westeros just not the Seven Kingdoms, nerding out here). Coming with icy hues and black hits, this sneaker is clean and menacing just like the White Walkers themselves

Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost Nights Watch

Jon Snow might know nothing but his Nights Watch make a fire shoe. Coming with a leather caging unit, thick Primeknit upper and snow white details, this sneaker comes in a close second in our ranking


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